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Channellings from Adama and Aurelia

The following channellings have all been received during the Telos UK weekly meeting held in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. It was felt important that they be shared for all to see.


8th December 2012
Great steps are being taken now and with the power of intention each person can "BE" where they are meant to and "Become" what they wish. The power of creation is within Dearest Ones. Remember the power is within the Heart.

Step into the Heart and connect to the Light of God for that is who you truly are.

I Am Adama


30th October 2012:
Greetings My Children.

Today let the Light of the new moon and the energies flooding the planet at this time help each of you in releasing the Old and welcoming in the wondrous Light of the Divine.

At this time so many that are incarnated are waking up that is if they have not already done so. They are waking up to the seemingly new energy that has always been within.

.....Read More Channelled by Melchiah.


23rd October 2012:
Today My Beloved Family and I greet you with great love and joy. We place this in your hearts now and ask you to feel this, Beloved Ones.

Feel this now.

Allow yourself to receive this energy for it is flowing into your very soul.

Close your eyes and Allow this to take place now. .....Read More Channelled by Melchiah.


9th October 2012:
Beloved Ones, I greet you All with great love and the energy of Light from us all here in Telos today.

Each day as you connect with us through your prayers or reading Aurelia's books please know that we are All here ready to assist you. Ask us for help in whatever way

you wish. .....Read More. Channelled by Melchiah.


2nd October 2012:
Beloved Ones today is a beautiful day and whatever you are doing, thinking feeling or speaking allow the day to be filled with Divine Love and see each day as a gift.

Call your God Presence into your body with intention and ask that the connection is made within your Heart and Allow yourself to be fully charged with this energy and let it flow into your prayers, invocations and requests throughout the day remembering the act of Gratitude.....Read More. Channelled by Melchiah.


20th October 2011:
Blessed children of the light. Thank you so much for sharing your love and light within this world today. Your paths have been diverse and now you come together for a while as you embrace the new realities of the Golden Age together. There is much to be done, but first and foremost there is your own personal evolution and development. This is first. For how can you lend a helping hand to others unless you are standing at higher position to lift them up to? This is not a judgment but an appreciation of the different places that souls are on their evolutionary journeys. I ask you to consider the chapter on the Fountain of Eternal Youth and Immortality (Telos Book 3). Note well the keys and also how they are relevant to other parts of your development for they are crucial in creating the perfection of the Golden Age that you so long for within your hearts. I send you love and many blessings from the depths of my heart to yours, eternal love from your brother Ahnamar. Channelled by Daryl Walsh.


13th October 2011:
We are watching your daily progress and are assisting you at all times as you connect with us. Be reassured that you will all be with us in our Beloved Home of Telos one day.....Read More.
Channelled by Melchiah.


17th March 2011:
Today and everyday please connect to this wondrous Resurrection Flame. This flame will enhance your spiritual path and develop your DNA and bodies in preparation for your initiations and bringing in the eternal help and love from the Mother/ Father God, the creator.....Read More. Channelled by Melchiah.


10th March 2011:
Tonight let us discuss objectives and how we can achieve them. For example if each one of you know your vision plan, how are you going to achieve this?....Read More. Channelled by Melchiah.


3rd March 2011:
Today as the sun shines the earth is awakening and life within all the kingdoms is reborn. As Mother Earth wakens so she releases that which is no longer required so the new Golden Age gently comes forth into the lives of humanity.....Read More. Channelled by Melchiah.


24th February 2011:
....Clearing through Release and Surrender to the the Will of God by using the Healing Power of the Sacred Flames assists each person along the Ascension path. We have spoken of this before I know but it is so important to be active daily doing this. This is Not a Task!!. .....Read More. Channelled by Melchiah.


17th February 2011:
....Each one of you in this lifetime have has periods of doubt about self-confidence and self esteem for these have been your lessons and your initiations. Now the time has come to Believe and Trust
.....Read More. Channelled by Melchiah.


10th February 2011:
....Your friends and family here in Telos greet you with love, light and joy. We wish to congratulate you in your dedication with prayers and meditation. We feel the connection at a deep level with each one of you present tonight. .....Read More. Channelled by Melchiah.