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The following books are all written by Aurelia Louisa Jones with channellings from Adama et al.
These are the main texts used for study.

Unfortunately at the time of writing (Feb. 2010) non of these books are published in the UK. This means that when you do find them, they tend to be a little more expensive, due to the shipping costs importing them from the USA and Canada. However, we would like to recommend Aristia who sells them at a reasonable price. Aristia's prices have been indicated below.

All of Aurelia Louisa Jones' books, as well as CD's and card sets to enhance your studies are available from USA or Canada directly from or Both of these also supply the books in a variety of different languages, including French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.



7 Sacred Flames

The Seven Sacred Flames - by Aurelia Louise Jones (Hardback)

Published: June 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9700902-8-7  
Price: US$39.00 (Aristia = £37)

This hard cover sacred book has been published in full color throughout the book. It contains 16 color graphics of the Masters of Wisdom, mainly those representing the Guardians of the Sacred Flames. The book is printed on high quality glossy paper and contains a gold ribbon to hold your place. The exterior of the book is gilded in gold. It contains seven main chapters, one chapter for each one of the seven main sacred flames. It ends with a section offering invocations to each one of the flames.

It contains Pearls of Wisdom and Knowledge that will assist those seeking to attain Christ consciousness and Ascension. At the time it was not known who would write and publish it, and we inspired its content to more than one incarnated soul on the planet. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Aurelia for bringing forth, with our assistance, these Pearls from the depth of her heart and soul for the benefit of enlightenment of humanity. (Master Saint Germain, Lord Lanto and Lord Sananda) - 280 pages.



Telos Vol 1

Telos Volume 1 - Revelations of the New Lemuria by Aurelia Louise Jones

Published: June 2004
ISBN: 978-0-9700902-4-9
Price: US$18.00 (Aristia = £16)

Timely and fascinating messages from the people of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, living in the fifth dimensional city of Telos, situated beneath Mount Shasta, CA. They are the survivors of the lost continent of Mu, who perished beneath of waves of the Pacific Ocean over 12,000 years ago. Our Lemurian brothers and sisters of Telos are our former family of ancient times and they are soon looking forward to coming out, to reunite with us once again, after a very long period of physical separation. This book touches the very core of your heart - 192 pages.




Telos Vol 2

Telos Volume 2 - Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation -   by Aurelia Louise Jones

Published: June 2004
ISBN: 978-0-9700902-5-6
Price: US$18.00 (Aristia = £16)

Volume 2 of the Telos series offers spiritual messages from the Earth's Interior from our brothers and sisters of the ancient civilization of Lemuria. The teachings contained in this book inspire the readers to rise their consciousness to new levels of attainment and it explains how to reconnect with the divine aspect of Self, in order to live and experience once again our divinity and manifest its magic in our daily lives. The "eye opener", and spiritual gold nuggets this heart warming book contains prepares the reader to embrace the initiations that will be required in order to be admitted in a fifth dimensional paradise - 224 pages.



Telos Vol 3

Telos Volume 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension by Aurelia Louise Jones

Published: April 2006
ISBN: 978-0-9700902-7-0
Price: US$20.00 (Aristia = £18)

This material presented here is designed to continue to stretch your heart and mind to another new level of your Christhood and mastery. If you are choosing to move along with Earth's destiny and evolve your consciousness to be able to live in a world of pure Love and Light, it is now more imperative than ever before that you awaken the perceptions of your true divinity and make it a priority and the most important goal of your life. You have to prepare the Garden of your Heart to become conscious and responsible galactic citizens to mingle, as equals, with your brothers and sisters from the Stars.

You will find in the third book of the Telos series many helpful tools that you can use to reach your goals, such as meditations in etheric temples and several types of activations. You will also find protocols and codes of ethics to prepare you for fifth dimensional living that you must embrace in order to be finally admitted into the great "Hall of Ascension." This book offers you the next few steps you must attain in order to be able to join the Brotherhood of Light "consciously" - 256 pages.



Prayer Book

Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames - by Aurelia Louise Jones

Published June 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9796723-0-9
Price: US$7.00 (Aristia = £5)

This easy to use booklet offers you a choice of over 50 devotional prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames for abundance and for healing. With such a booklet, it is easy to create a weekly devotional schedule of invocations to the Flames or Light of God for you own benefit and also for the benefit of the planet and humanity. You can use them as often as you wish. The more Light you allow yourself to invoke, the more spiritual acceleration you create within yourself for your personal and planetary transformation! These prayers will assist you in manifesting your "Homecoming" into the arms of Love and your own Divine Essence - 64 pages.



Back to Telos - The Adventures of Oraion in the City of Light (The New Age Children's books) [Kindle Edition]

Published July 2013
Price: US$5.22

Click HERE for a link to Amazon

This book is the story of Oraion, who takes on a journey beyond time and space, and opens to the light, knowledge and power that is in Telos, the City of Light.

Telos, the City of Light, is in the fifth dimension, and we follow Oraion as he acquires new and rich knowledge about the New World. As he does so, an old form of knowledge that his soul already knows reveals itself to him - his mind just has to remember the knowledge that is already there.

Our children, the new kids, who have a different perspective, know. While reading the book, these children go through an experience of awakening - awakening to the new vibrations; the memory opens and reveals a new, harmonious world which also provides these children with effective tools for coping with their daily, physical lives.
Oraion's Adventures in Telos, the City of Light, help explain to children what the sacred flames are. His adventures help provide a process to open the heart as well as a deepening sense of self-esteem.
This is the first booklet in the series of Oraion's adventures in Telos, the City of Light.
Greetings of light and love and a great reading experience to everyone!


Telos - From Theory To Practice: A Voyage on the Way to Ascension
[Kindle Edition] by Ayelet Segal

Published Contento De Semrik; 1 edition (March 31, 2014)
Price: US$6.23

Click HERE for a link to Amazon

This is a time of regeneration for Planet Earth. Over the years we have developed an entire network of life beneath the surface of the earth, based on light, love, and vibrations of energy whose source is the Supreme Creator.

A network of cities was established with the support of angels and of many light entities. Today we are connected to all the subterranean cities of earth, and now we are at the stage of revelation. Many light entities who have chosen to reveal themselves and be incarnated on earth's surface, are reaching us for treatment and daily study in support of their journey on the path of light. The knowledge already exists in you, and what is important is to awaken your bodies to the ancient knowledge, to activate the DNA helices, and to open the codes that have been dormant in your being for many lifetimes.

We invite you to a journey of awakening, of departure, of action. The purpose of this book is to speak about enlightenment in the Middle East, and to explain the importance of enlightening the light entities who are now awakening and connecting to the Lemurian energy of love that exists throughout the world. I, Adama, who represent the light people in Telos, see this as a mission of paramount importance in raising the vibrations across the globe. A great leap forward will take place when residents of the area awaken and understand that there is only one way to ascend, and that true awakening is through the heart.