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The Seventh Ray: The Flame of Transmutation

On Saturday, focus on the many tones and frequencies of the Violet Ray which is most magical. The Violet Flame brings the frequency of change, alchemy, freedom from limitations, royalty, diplomacy, comfort and much more. As you fill your auric field and your heart with the wonders of this flame, its frequency will start clearing from your life the obstacles and karma that are obstructing the way to the realization of your mastery. Use the Violet Flame as much as you can each day, but especially on Saturday when this ray is amplified in a greater way, and it will serve you well.


Summary of Qualities and Associations of the Seventh Ray*

Main God Qualities and Actions of the Seventh Ray
Freedom, Transmutation, Transformation, Diplomacy, Ceremony and
Application of the science of true alchemy.

Master Saint Germain, also known as the God of Freedom
His retreat: Transylvania, Romania,
and the Great Violet Flame Temple, Jackson Peak in Wyoming, USA

Archangels and their Divine Complement:
Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst
Their Retreat: Over the Island of Cuba

Elohim and their Divine Compliment:
Arcturus and Victoria
Their Retreat: Near Luanda, Angola, Africa

Corresponding Chakra:
Seat of the Soul

Corresponding Colour:

Corresponding Crystals and Stones:
Amethyst, Violet Fluorite

Day of the Week when the connection to Ray One is enhanced:


* Information taken from "The Seven Sacred Flames" by Aurelia Louise Jones