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The Forth Ray: The Ascension Flame of Purification

Ascension is the alchemical marriage or divine union of your human-self with your I AM Presence through the process of purification of all misqualification of God's energy throughout your many incarnations. Focus on purifying and clearing all negativity, false beliefs, poor attitudes and habits blocking the manifestation of your spiritual mastery. Fill your auric field and every cell of your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies with this pure-white-dazzling Ascension Flame. In your meditation, do this with all the rays. It is essential for your spiritual progress.


Summary of Qualities and Associations of the Forth Ray*

Main God Qualities and Actions of the Forth Ray
Purity, wholeness, Christ consciousness and becoming God through
the consciousness of the Divine Mother

Lord Serapis Bey
His retreat: The Great Hall of Ascension, Temple of Luxor, Egypt

Archangels and their Divine Complement:
Archangel Gabriel and Hope
Their Retreat: Between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California, USA

Elohim and their Divine Compliment:
Purity and Astrea
Their Retreat: Near Gulf of Archangels, Russia

Corresponding Chakra:

Corresponding Colour:

Corresponding Crystals and Stones:
Azurite, Snow Quartz

Day of the Week when the connection to Ray Four is enhanced:


* Information taken from "The Seven Sacred Flames" by Aurelia Louise Jones