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The Second Ray: The Flame of Illumination and Wisdom

Focus on the Mind of God daily in all things, but specifically on Sunday. The Divine Mind will open your own mind to ever expanding wisdom. True wisdom always comes from the mind of higher perspective and consciousness. As you merge this divine mind with your own, you begin to make decisions and conduct your life in ways that will bring you much ease and satisfaction.


Summary of Qualities and Associations of the Second Ray*

Main God Qualities and Actions of the Second Ray
Illumination, wisdom, omniscience, understanding through love, perception, comprehension, precipitation, discrimination and activation of the Mind of God.

Lord Lanto, Teacher of Ancient Wisdom
His retreat: The Great Hall of Illumination, Grand Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming, USA
Other masters serving on the Second Ray are:
Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Sananda / Jesus, Master Kuthumi and Confucius

Archangels and their Divine Complement:
Archangel Jophiel and Christine
Their Retreats: South of the Great Wall, China and
The Temple of Illumination; God/Goddess: Island of the sun, LAke Titicaca, Bolivia

Elohim and their Divine Compliment:
Apollo and Lumina
Their Retreat: Saxony, Germany

Corresponding Chakra:

Corresponding Colour:

Corresponding Crystals and Stones:
Tiger's Eye, Golden Topaz

Day of the Week when the connection to Ray Two is enhanced:


* Information taken from "The Seven Sacred Flames" by Aurelia Louise Jones